Paper Shaker

Fine Art, Illustration & Ceramics

Being artists we can’t change the fact that we HAVE to make lots of lovely things.

Becca graduated in 1998 from Edinburgh College of Art with a design degree.  Since then her work has gradually evolved to include fine art photography, mixed media portraiture and illustration.

When not working as a photographer or educator, Paul creates large scale figurative “Raku” sculpture. He usually takes casts of live models to produce press-moulds.  The clay is then fired to very high temperatures, is withdrawn from the kiln when red hot, plunged into sawdust and then water…..He loves the parts which involve lots of smoke and fire… relaxes him…

He exhibits his sculpture around Norfolk.  Paul’s most recent work “Malleus Maleficorum” was purchased from Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail this summer, and it now resides in Marseille, France.

Paul & Becca’s Artist Websites:




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